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Soundzania June Newsletter

Soundzania June Newsletter

Oops – we skipped May, anyone notice?  Well, we had good reason.  May was very busy for Soundzania.
Greetings from Soundzania
Preschoolers Love Ukelele
First, we performed at another local preschool.  Yes, this is becoming a habit 🙂  I really enjoy seeing the looks on everyone faces as I introduce them to instrument after instrument.  This time, the ukelele brought the house down – they got out of their seats and started dancing.  Wonderful!  I recorded the show and posted a portion of it on soundzania.com for you to view here.  Forward this email to your child’s preschool – or let them know about Soundzania – I’d be happy to perform there 🙂

Having a good time at a double birthday party

A Magic Carpet at a Birthday Party
Second, like we’ve said in some of the past newsletters, we’ve been working on a new instrument.  Well, it debuted, live at a birthday party!  It was a hit! The Magic Carpet showed up and the kids jumped on it to make all sorts of fun sounds.  We also used it to play games during the party.  For this birthday party, we rallied two of the other Dads who helped compose the Soundzania CDs – Ken Hougasian and Andy Berry.  The three of us performed several favorites at the birthday party.  We have couple of clips from the performance here.  If you know of a birthday party coming up soon that could use a little Soundzania – let us know – we’d be happy to help celebrate!
Isn't it a nice little violin?
And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…
As always – thanks for your support!  This month’s coupon code will be [click here to sign-up for the newsletter to get coupon codes] That code will bring you $3 off ANYthing in the Soundzania store.  Enjoy !!  Please – share this email with friends you know who might also enjoy Soundzania.
So, until next time – sounds good and good sounds!


ps: You can stay up to date with other events in Soundzania by watching our RSS feed here

Performance at a Birthday Party

Soundzania was invited to perform at a friend’s birthday party – what fun !!  We recorded it, of course, and can share a clip here with you.

We debuted a new instrument – the Magic Carpet… thats right, a magic carpet!  The kids had a good time jumping on the carpet and making crazy sounds.  We’ve got lots of ways to make the magic carpet part of the fun of a birthday party.

If you have a little one with a birthday coming up, let us know !  We’d love to come out and perform for the party!


April Soundzania Newsletter

[emailed directly to people who signed up for the newsletter, including a coupon code for $3 off]

By now, most of us have filed our taxes (I hope).  I personally did it twice comparing two online services.  I don’t recommend that 🙂


Whats been happening in Soundzania?  A few  interesting requests, that’s what.  We are now working on plans for three more performances to bring our love of music to the little ears around us.  We will be doing another performance for another local preschool, we will be performing at a private birthday party (that one will include some fun games!) and are working on plans for performing at a theatre (again, bringing an interactive component into the show).


We’re very excited about these opportunities and certainly welcome more requests for performances like these.  We will try to post some more video clips from these performances to share some of the event if we can.


We’ll keep it brief this month and move right along to the coupon code.  From now through Mother’s Day (May 10th) take $3 off any purchase in Soundzania!  Use this money to take your Mom out for coffee on Mother’s Day!  Just enter the coupon code ** during checkout to earn the discount.  So, visit the Soundzania Store today!

I Love Mom

** Oops, coupon codes are only provided to people who sign-up for the newsletter



So, until next time – make sure Mom is happy – buy some fun kids music so she won’t tear her hair out listening to …. well… you know the music she can’t stand after 30 repeats in the car 🙂


ps: You can stay up to date with other events in Soundzania by watching our RSS feed here.

Soundzania Spring Newsletter

[emailed directly to people who signed up for the newsletter, but that one had the coupon code 🙂 ]


A little late this month, but it is now officially spring – and the weather is starting to look good!


Some exciting news – I visited a local pre-school and gave them a presentation 2 days in a row.  I recorded it and posted a short video clip on Soundzania here .  The presentation went over real well with the kids and I’ve been getting reports of kids picking up instruments that have  been lying around their house for years and for the first time, playing them every day and singing the songs from Soundzania.  What a wonderful thing to hear about!  Thats why I did it all.
This month we’re going to share a nice savings with you.  Why do we share these sales with you?  You’ve probably already bought the CD after all.  But… your friends haven’t all bought the CD – and maybe you didn’t get a copy of the first CD.  Anyway, we want our music listened to.  We want kids to have fun with it.  So, share this coupon code with all your friends, tell them “this Soundzania CD has great music for the kids and the parents won’t hate it even after the 200th play!”  I hear that from some of you when I talk with you.
Share it with your friends.
Coupon code :  sign-up for the newsletter to get the code
That will provide a 20% discount on anything you buy at Soundzania.com from now until Tax Day (April 15th).
We love sharing our music with you – help us spread the love!
So, until next time – sounds good and good sounds
ps.  keep on the lookout for an accordion video on the web site

Soundzania Newsletter – On Safari

Hello fellow citizens of Soundzania !!

I am excited to announce that we are now accepting pre-release orders for our new CD: Soundzania On Safari. From now until December 12th, I will offer the CD for pre-purchase at a special discount price of $6. This is a special deal for just a few weeks. So, the wait is over! You can order your CD today. If you’re local, save even more and contact me directly at sales@soundzania.com to place an order with no shipping.

Soundzania On Safari CD Cover

Soundzania On Safari would be a great gift for anyone with little ones running around! It has been field-tested and proven with children ages 2-7 (no animals were harmed in these field tests).

This album is a fun trek through Soundzania hosted by our familiar DJ friends Ben Joe and Mandy Lynn. On this album they meet up with Safari Bob who takes them on safari in Soundzania. Bugs, elephants, pancakes – we’ve got it all !! If you’d like to hear some of the songs, look through our Songs of the Week.

Pick up a few copies as gifts and save some money!
Get 20% off your entire order of 5 or more CDs. That means you buy 4 and get one free! Just put 5 CDs in your cart and enter “BULK20” during checkout and we’ll apply the 20% discount. This works with either the original Soundzania CD, or the new Soundzania On Safari CD.

Soundzania on Safari CD ArtSo pre-purchase many copies of the new album and we will get them shipped wherever they need to go. If you order before Dec 12th, we can even guarantee shipment before Christmas!

As usual, we will continue the song of the week postings so you can keep hearing the different songs that make up the album – so stay tuned.

Until next time – sounds good, and good sounds

– Ben Joe

Soundzania October Newsletter

Hello again – Ben Joe here, bringing you another newsletter from Soundzania. We’ve got songs, a sale and maybe even a new instrument!

We’re working hard on the new CD we plan on releasing in December – in fact – we’re posting a new song every week to give everyone a sneak listen to the album ! You heard it – we post a full copy of a song every week at Soundzania.com. Just check out the link at the top of the page when you visit Soundzania.com.

A Sale
Mandy Lynn has made some fabulous tie-dye Soundzania shirts for you all, and guess what – they’re on a huge sale just for October! Yup, every shirt is $5 off. So, instead of the usual $12.95 – now they’re just $7.95 – a very nice price for a t-shirt! Order yours today – just enter “OCTOBER” as a coupon code during checkout.

the schismaA New Instrument?
Well, maybe not completely new… but definitely fun. We are making a fun new instrument in Soundzania. Its a super-controllable-highly-interactive-sound-making-apparatus – and we affectionately refer to it as the SCHISMA. The name is actually a musical term, and if you’re the first person to explain it to me, you’ll score yourself a free copy of the upcoming CD !

Well, thats it for now, hopefully we’ll get to see the SCHISMA in action this weekend at a block party in Del Ray. Drop us a line if you want to come by.

Until next time….

Ben Joe

Soundzania back-to-school newsletter

Fellow citizens of Soundzania –

Its been a while since I’ve sent out a newsletter, and lots of things are going on. Everywhere around kids are going back to school or maybe starting it for their first time! Soundzania has been pretty busy lately too! We’ve been going back into the recording studio.

Whats that? A new CD ??!!
Yes!! A new CD will be available before the holidays this year (early December). This is very exciting news for us and we are definitely having fun making some new songs for the kids! We’ve been playing some of the new songs for our kids and the response is great! We’ll be sharing some of these upcoming songs on Soundzania.com and accepting discounted pre-orders. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you as soon as that is available.

Can I still get another copy of Soundzania ?
I’m glad you asked ! We are putting the Soundzania CD on a discount just for September. You see, the remaining boxes need to be moved in order to make room for the next CD (real estate is at a premium in Soundzania). For the month of September the Soundzania CD will be sold for $5. Yes…that’s what I said … $5. But only for orders placed in September, then its back to regular pricing, ah shucks.

So… prepare someone you know for back to school by picking them up a copy of Soundzania for their kids to listen to in the car or at bedtime, or whenever.

Buy Soundzania from Soundzania.com and enter coupon code 5DOLLARCD during check out to receive this special discount price. While you’re there, check out the t-shirts Mandy Lynn has made – they’re pretty cool !!

What else did we do on summer vacation?
We made a game. Yup, a very simple one though. Its a little picture-scramble puzzle some of the kids might enjoy.
Click here to play the game

Another fun little diversion has been Facebook. The Citizens of Soundzania is now a group on Facebook with a bunch of members, including Ben Joe (he needs some friends though, can you help?)

And so, as we say on Soundzania Radio:
Sounds good – and good sounds. Until next time, this is Ben Joe and Mandy Lynn signing off….

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The First Ever Soundzania Newsletter

This here is the first ever Soundzania Newsletter!
Big things are happening in Soundzania and we wanted to tell you all about ’em.

First off, we want to thank everyone for their support of Soundzania! We hope that everyone you share the Soundzania CD with is enjoying it and tapping their big toe 🙂

Soundzania CD Cover

With that support, we have been able to continue promoting Soundzania through elementary classroom visits, online contests, our newly redesigned website as well as our new wonderful t-shirts hand tie-dyed by our own Mandy Lynn.

We are beginning plans for our second CD !
Yes, it is time. This new CD will focus on homemade instruments with a particular effort given to educating kids and parents on making and playing them. We want everyone to have fun playing music, and if you don’t have any of them fancy store-made instruments, well, we can help you get started with some things around the house.

Over the next several months with the launch of our new website, we will be posting stories and other bits as we progress towards the creation of our second CD. If you stay tuned, you can hear it get made 🙂

Soundzania T-shirts

Please continue your wonderful support!
Support Soundzania with one of these actions:

** From now until November 20th, get 10% off any order at Soundzania.com. Enter the coupon code ZANIA10 during the checkout process.

Until then, make music and share it!!!

Thanks a million,

Ben Joe and the whole Soundzania gang !