Soundzania Spring Newsletter

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A little late this month, but it is now officially spring – and the weather is starting to look good!


Some exciting news – I visited a local pre-school and gave them a presentation 2 days in a row.  I recorded it and posted a short video clip on Soundzania here .  The presentation went over real well with the kids and I’ve been getting reports of kids picking up instruments that have  been lying around their house for years and for the first time, playing them every day and singing the songs from Soundzania.  What a wonderful thing to hear about!  Thats why I did it all.
This month we’re going to share a nice savings with you.  Why do we share these sales with you?  You’ve probably already bought the CD after all.  But… your friends haven’t all bought the CD – and maybe you didn’t get a copy of the first CD.  Anyway, we want our music listened to.  We want kids to have fun with it.  So, share this coupon code with all your friends, tell them “this Soundzania CD has great music for the kids and the parents won’t hate it even after the 200th play!”  I hear that from some of you when I talk with you.
Share it with your friends.
Coupon code :  sign-up for the newsletter to get the code
That will provide a 20% discount on anything you buy at from now until Tax Day (April 15th).
We love sharing our music with you – help us spread the love!
So, until next time – sounds good and good sounds
ps.  keep on the lookout for an accordion video on the web site


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