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July Soundzania Newsletter

Wow – its pretty hot in Soundzania! But, hey, its summer, I think its supposed to be hot. Time to jump in a pool or through a sprinkler.

In June, Soundzania visited the Ashland Farmers Market. That was a great time! We have some video tape from the show. We edited together a few of the songs and have it here for you –

Where did that funny balloon hat come from?? At one point, we walked on through the farmers market playing “Soundzania”. While we did that, we walked past a vendor from the market that made balloon shapes. He came running up and placed the hat on my head as we were marching by. Awesome hat – Thanks !!

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Well – thats it for this month. Until next time….

Sounds good and good sounds


Soundzania October Newsletter

No scary things this time around. Just a quick video from a recent block party in Del Ray where Soundzania had a chance to play. Lee and Andy joined in as well. We’ll share one video here now, and more later, stay tuned.

Back to School in Soundzania

Whoa – its time for school !! The weather has significantly cooled off this week in Soundzania and the kids have all got their school supplies and haircuts and are ready for the first day. Can you hear the school bus?

Time to get down to business on the album though. We only have about 3 months to finish the Soundzania Elementary School album!

Last month I mentioned a visitor came to the studio. Everyone is welcome to bring their kids on by the studio for a quick tour of how we make the music here in Soundzania. This family brought a video camera and edited down a few clips of their visit:

Hamiltons visit Soundzania

So, until next time – sounds good and good sounds!


Performance at Knollwood Preschool

We’ve been at it again. Another visit to a preschool. This time – Knollwood. I’ve attached a clip of a version of Pancakes I play on the banjo – there is some good clapping from the kids during the song.



Performance at Agudas Achim Preschool

Soundzania has been visiting more local preschools and having a good time! The kids love the music, get to clap along and shout some animal names out. Along the way, I share my instruments – stand-up bass, guitar, banjo, ukelele, accordian, tenor saxophone and the kazoo.
I am sharing a video clip here of the stand-up bass section… the kids are laughing at the sound of the bass (unless its me 🙂



Performance at a Birthday Party

Soundzania was invited to perform at a friend’s birthday party – what fun !!  We recorded it, of course, and can share a clip here with you.

We debuted a new instrument – the Magic Carpet… thats right, a magic carpet!  The kids had a good time jumping on the carpet and making crazy sounds.  We’ve got lots of ways to make the magic carpet part of the fun of a birthday party.

If you have a little one with a birthday coming up, let us know !  We’d love to come out and perform for the party!


Performance at Knollwood Preschool

Sorry for the late post, but things have been very busy at Soundzania.  New instruments are arriving at an alarming pace – but more about that later.Meet the instruments

Knollwood Preschool had Soundzania come visit in May.  We, well I, came in and brought the standard fare of instruments:  stand-up bass, acoustic guitar, banjo, ukelele, kazoo and a new one…. the accordion.

I performed on two different days and everyone had a wonderful time.  I loved it when the kids just got up and started dancing during the Soundzania theme song – that was a blast!  I think its the kazoo that does it 🙂

I’ve included a video here to show to some of it as it happened.  I will likely be coming back to Knollwood at some point next year as well, so if you’re kid goes there, they’re in for a treat next year 🙂

So, long for now, and enjoy the video.

If your child goes to a local preschool, and you would like Soundzania to come visit, please let me know – scott@soundzania.com


Love playing the accordion

A Fun Time at the Preschool

I recently gave a musical presentation to a local preschool.  It was a blast, so many good questions and quotes from the audience!  Like, after guessing the animals in one song, someone yelled out “we have very large brains”.  Of course they do!

While I was showing them the accordian, and letting them hear how it sounded, a girl in front raised her hand and said that it looked like a trumpet…  I said “Really?” eyebrows raised… she replied, “a square trumpet!”  Wow, nice perspective, I love it.

They were definitely enjoying the fun we had.  In all, I played acoustic guitar, stand-up bass, banjo, ukelele and kazoo, and I closed with accordian.  For the last song, I played a song the preschoolers were all familiar with (that they sing in the school regularly anyway) – This Little Light of Mine.  It brought down the house – if you can do that at a preschool!  Everyone was singing along.

So, I will be doing this again I am sure, and if you’re reading this and know of a school that would like a visit, give us a holler.

I captured it on video and have uploaded a clip of the part of the presentation with the ukelele and kazoo.  Give it a watch, its fun.