Performance at Knollwood Preschool

Sorry for the late post, but things have been very busy at Soundzania.  New instruments are arriving at an alarming pace – but more about that later.Meet the instruments

Knollwood Preschool had Soundzania come visit in May.  We, well I, came in and brought the standard fare of instruments:  stand-up bass, acoustic guitar, banjo, ukelele, kazoo and a new one…. the accordion.

I performed on two different days and everyone had a wonderful time.  I loved it when the kids just got up and started dancing during the Soundzania theme song – that was a blast!  I think its the kazoo that does it 🙂

I’ve included a video here to show to some of it as it happened.  I will likely be coming back to Knollwood at some point next year as well, so if you’re kid goes there, they’re in for a treat next year 🙂

So, long for now, and enjoy the video.

If your child goes to a local preschool, and you would like Soundzania to come visit, please let me know –


Love playing the accordion


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[…]  Wonderful!  I recorded the show and posted a portion of it on for you to view here.  Forward this email to your child’s preschool – or let them know about Soundzania – […]

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[…] Also, I’m gearing up for a few local pre-school visits in the next couple of months.  I will be visiting Good Shepherd Preschool as well as Knollwood Preschool.  If you are in Northern Virginia and would like Soundzania to come visit your pre-school, let me know – I thoroughly enjoy sharing my music!   If you want to see some of what we do, check out some of the video from last year’s performance. […]

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