Soundzania June Newsletter

Soundzania June Newsletter

Oops – we skipped May, anyone notice?  Well, we had good reason.  May was very busy for Soundzania.
Greetings from Soundzania
Preschoolers Love Ukelele
First, we performed at another local preschool.  Yes, this is becoming a habit 🙂  I really enjoy seeing the looks on everyone faces as I introduce them to instrument after instrument.  This time, the ukelele brought the house down – they got out of their seats and started dancing.  Wonderful!  I recorded the show and posted a portion of it on for you to view here.  Forward this email to your child’s preschool – or let them know about Soundzania – I’d be happy to perform there 🙂

Having a good time at a double birthday party

A Magic Carpet at a Birthday Party
Second, like we’ve said in some of the past newsletters, we’ve been working on a new instrument.  Well, it debuted, live at a birthday party!  It was a hit! The Magic Carpet showed up and the kids jumped on it to make all sorts of fun sounds.  We also used it to play games during the party.  For this birthday party, we rallied two of the other Dads who helped compose the Soundzania CDs – Ken Hougasian and Andy Berry.  The three of us performed several favorites at the birthday party.  We have couple of clips from the performance here.  If you know of a birthday party coming up soon that could use a little Soundzania – let us know – we’d be happy to help celebrate!
Isn't it a nice little violin?
And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…
As always – thanks for your support!  This month’s coupon code will be [click here to sign-up for the newsletter to get coupon codes] That code will bring you $3 off ANYthing in the Soundzania store.  Enjoy !!  Please – share this email with friends you know who might also enjoy Soundzania.
So, until next time – sounds good and good sounds!


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