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Fellow citizens of Soundzania –

Its been a while since I’ve sent out a newsletter, and lots of things are going on. Everywhere around kids are going back to school or maybe starting it for their first time! Soundzania has been pretty busy lately too! We’ve been going back into the recording studio.

Whats that? A new CD ??!!
Yes!! A new CD will be available before the holidays this year (early December). This is very exciting news for us and we are definitely having fun making some new songs for the kids! We’ve been playing some of the new songs for our kids and the response is great! We’ll be sharing some of these upcoming songs on and accepting discounted pre-orders. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you as soon as that is available.

Can I still get another copy of Soundzania ?
I’m glad you asked ! We are putting the Soundzania CD on a discount just for September. You see, the remaining boxes need to be moved in order to make room for the next CD (real estate is at a premium in Soundzania). For the month of September the Soundzania CD will be sold for $5. Yes…that’s what I said … $5. But only for orders placed in September, then its back to regular pricing, ah shucks.

So… prepare someone you know for back to school by picking them up a copy of Soundzania for their kids to listen to in the car or at bedtime, or whenever.

Buy Soundzania from and enter coupon code 5DOLLARCD during check out to receive this special discount price. While you’re there, check out the t-shirts Mandy Lynn has made – they’re pretty cool !!

What else did we do on summer vacation?
We made a game. Yup, a very simple one though. Its a little picture-scramble puzzle some of the kids might enjoy.
Click here to play the game

Another fun little diversion has been Facebook. The Citizens of Soundzania is now a group on Facebook with a bunch of members, including Ben Joe (he needs some friends though, can you help?)

And so, as we say on Soundzania Radio:
Sounds good – and good sounds. Until next time, this is Ben Joe and Mandy Lynn signing off….

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