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April Soundzania Newsletter

I just ate a bunch of jellybeans, and so have the kids. I also spent the day outside in balmy spring weather. A very nice spring in Soundzania.
Soundzania is always happy to help out a charity that is devoted to kids and families. We’ll donate CDs or schedule a performance if you have one that you’re involved in. Recently, a friend of Soundzania mentioned a charity their family is involved in – the Samaritan House in Ohio. They provide emergency shelter for homeless women with children. Since Soundzania is kind of a long way away from Ohio, I offered to ship some Soundzania On Safari CDs out to the shelter.

Hopefully, the Soundzania discs can bring a little music into the lives of some families in need.

If you work with a charity that helps families and children and would like to bring Soundzania to them, please let me know.

I hope your spring is going great!

Until next time….


January in Soundzania

Well Happy New Year everyone!

I’m sitting here listening to the first Soundzania album while my youngest falls asleep.  I’m excited to think of the recording and songwriting that will happen this year as we work to create the third Soundzania album.

Also, I’m gearing up for a few local pre-school visits in the next couple of months.  I will be visiting Good Shepherd Preschool as well as Knollwood Preschool.  If you are in Northern Virginia and would like Soundzania to come visit your pre-school, let me know – I thoroughly enjoy sharing my music!   If you want to see some of what we do, check out some of the video from last year’s performance.

Welcome to “Tanner Sax” into the Soundzania world.  He will be on the new CD no doubt and will likely make an  appearance at the pre-school visits.  I’ve been practicing on the sax now for a bit and its a blast!

Don’t forget – if you have ever bought a Soundzania CD, you are eligible to give one away!

If you subscribe to this newsletter via email, you got a monthly discount coupon in the email – this month it is 20% off anything in Soundzania.  Signup for the email newsletter here.

Thanks and have a great year !!


Soundzania On Safari is here

The CDs have arrived a few days early!  I just started opening up the boxes and will start distributing the orders over the next few days.  If you’ve ordered one – it should be coming soon – if you haven’t, you still have till December 12th to get them at the special discount price of $6 !!

Song of the Week: Cool Shoes

when its time to go to school...Whoa – cool shoes, this one has got to be my favorite.  The first time I heard Lee play it for me – I was hooked.  The call and response backups, the perspective on choosing shoes for different things – when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter much does it… just pick some shoes you like and run with it.


Song of the Week: Little Flower

This one’s a gem to be sure. Lee wrote this one, I tried to sing, and eventually, we got Cecy Snyder (a great singer from our seedsold band Help Wanted) to come in and really show us how to sing.

Her silky voice is perfect for this song as it rolls along with a driving rhythm and banjo. Enjoy this weeks song, and please give a comment to let us know you’re listening ! [display_podcast]



Song of the Week: Creepy Crawlies

Ah yes, creepy crawlies. Who wouldn’t find some on Safari ? A nice spooky sound and some critters falling on your head – and mud between your toes (oh no!). I hear Ben Joe loves the bugs.

creepy crawlieCheck out this song of the week. While you’re at it – order your copy of the new CD: Soundzania On Safari for only $6 (limited time).


Until next time –

Ben Joe

Soundzania Newsletter – On Safari

Hello fellow citizens of Soundzania !!

I am excited to announce that we are now accepting pre-release orders for our new CD: Soundzania On Safari. From now until December 12th, I will offer the CD for pre-purchase at a special discount price of $6. This is a special deal for just a few weeks. So, the wait is over! You can order your CD today. If you’re local, save even more and contact me directly at sales@soundzania.com to place an order with no shipping.

Soundzania On Safari CD Cover

Soundzania On Safari would be a great gift for anyone with little ones running around! It has been field-tested and proven with children ages 2-7 (no animals were harmed in these field tests).

This album is a fun trek through Soundzania hosted by our familiar DJ friends Ben Joe and Mandy Lynn. On this album they meet up with Safari Bob who takes them on safari in Soundzania. Bugs, elephants, pancakes – we’ve got it all !! If you’d like to hear some of the songs, look through our Songs of the Week.

Pick up a few copies as gifts and save some money!
Get 20% off your entire order of 5 or more CDs. That means you buy 4 and get one free! Just put 5 CDs in your cart and enter “BULK20” during checkout and we’ll apply the 20% discount. This works with either the original Soundzania CD, or the new Soundzania On Safari CD.

Soundzania on Safari CD ArtSo pre-purchase many copies of the new album and we will get them shipped wherever they need to go. If you order before Dec 12th, we can even guarantee shipment before Christmas!

As usual, we will continue the song of the week postings so you can keep hearing the different songs that make up the album – so stay tuned.

Until next time – sounds good, and good sounds

– Ben Joe

Song of the Week: Cottage Cheese

Howdy. I’m Duke Ulaylee and I get to post the song of the week this week, yeah!

I told Ben Joe I want to be a reporter when I grow-up. He said “I can help you practice. Will you write a story about new music we make here in Soundzania?”

I said “Certainly!” I hope you like my first attempt:

mmm, mmm, Cottage CheeseI walked through town the other day. I heard Ace Guitar playing something new. “Ace,” I said “please tell me about the song you’re playing.”

“Well,” Ace said “this is a song about a father and a son. The son really likes cottage cheese because he can eat it with any meal. The father doesn’t like cottage cheese because it it spills and is so difficult to clean.”

Ace will share his new song with his friends. If they like it, they will help him make a recording. If the recording is good, maybe Ben Joe and Mandy Lynn will play it on their radio show.

I’ll keep you posted. For now, give it a listen and let us know what you think. As usual, the full song can be heard at the top of the page at soundzania.com this week.



Song of the Week: Individual

fingersUniquely individual. Lee wrote the lyrics on this one. It makes me think about the numerous ways we are different and the equally numerous ways we are the same. Makes me wanna say “one love”. Peace Lee

Ben Joe


Soundzania October Newsletter

Hello again – Ben Joe here, bringing you another newsletter from Soundzania. We’ve got songs, a sale and maybe even a new instrument!

We’re working hard on the new CD we plan on releasing in December – in fact – we’re posting a new song every week to give everyone a sneak listen to the album ! You heard it – we post a full copy of a song every week at Soundzania.com. Just check out the link at the top of the page when you visit Soundzania.com.

A Sale
Mandy Lynn has made some fabulous tie-dye Soundzania shirts for you all, and guess what – they’re on a huge sale just for October! Yup, every shirt is $5 off. So, instead of the usual $12.95 – now they’re just $7.95 – a very nice price for a t-shirt! Order yours today – just enter “OCTOBER” as a coupon code during checkout.

the schismaA New Instrument?
Well, maybe not completely new… but definitely fun. We are making a fun new instrument in Soundzania. Its a super-controllable-highly-interactive-sound-making-apparatus – and we affectionately refer to it as the SCHISMA. The name is actually a musical term, and if you’re the first person to explain it to me, you’ll score yourself a free copy of the upcoming CD !

Well, thats it for now, hopefully we’ll get to see the SCHISMA in action this weekend at a block party in Del Ray. Drop us a line if you want to come by.

Until next time….

Ben Joe