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Spoooky Soundzania Newlsetter

Welcome to the October spoooky Soundzania newsletter… whats spooky is that three things have come together at the same time… ooohhh… threes.  Well, other than that, not much spooky about it though. This month the big news is that we’ve got 3 fun things you can do.  Give at least one of them a try, they don’t take much more than a click and you can have fun, and even give a gift away:

Listen to a new song!
Click play below and check out this little ditty we wrote about Halloween… a free one, on us. Enjoy, and please post your comments after giving it a listen.


Giveaway a FREE CD to a Friend !
We’ve been thinking… how do we get more people and kids! to hear (and dance to) Soundzania? Most of you on this list already have bought your own copy and you are kindly reading these monthly updates.  Well, now you have the ability to give away FREE CDs to YOUR FRIENDS !  Check out this link for the details. We’re not kidding, we’ll ship it and everything, so go ahead and try it out and share the love 🙂

Become a Fan on Facebook
We had a Facegroup for a while (Citizens of Soundzania), but a group just sort of sits there.  We’ve now built a page in Facebook where we can post other information and stay in touch through Facebook.  So, if you’re on Facebook, be sure to become a fan of Soundzania!

Well that wraps it up for October.  I hope everyone is ready for Halloween and getting some fun costumes.

Until next time… Sounds Good and Good Sounds


Song of the Week: Cool Shoes

when its time to go to school...Whoa – cool shoes, this one has got to be my favorite.  The first time I heard Lee play it for me – I was hooked.  The call and response backups, the perspective on choosing shoes for different things – when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter much does it… just pick some shoes you like and run with it.


Song of the Week: Little Flower

This one’s a gem to be sure. Lee wrote this one, I tried to sing, and eventually, we got Cecy Snyder (a great singer from our seedsold band Help Wanted) to come in and really show us how to sing.

Her silky voice is perfect for this song as it rolls along with a driving rhythm and banjo. Enjoy this weeks song, and please give a comment to let us know you’re listening ! [display_podcast]



Song of the Week: Creepy Crawlies

Ah yes, creepy crawlies. Who wouldn’t find some on Safari ? A nice spooky sound and some critters falling on your head – and mud between your toes (oh no!). I hear Ben Joe loves the bugs.

creepy crawlieCheck out this song of the week. While you’re at it – order your copy of the new CD: Soundzania On Safari for only $6 (limited time).


Until next time –

Ben Joe

Song of the Week: Cottage Cheese

Howdy. I’m Duke Ulaylee and I get to post the song of the week this week, yeah!

I told Ben Joe I want to be a reporter when I grow-up. He said “I can help you practice. Will you write a story about new music we make here in Soundzania?”

I said “Certainly!” I hope you like my first attempt:

mmm, mmm, Cottage CheeseI walked through town the other day. I heard Ace Guitar playing something new. “Ace,” I said “please tell me about the song you’re playing.”

“Well,” Ace said “this is a song about a father and a son. The son really likes cottage cheese because he can eat it with any meal. The father doesn’t like cottage cheese because it it spills and is so difficult to clean.”

Ace will share his new song with his friends. If they like it, they will help him make a recording. If the recording is good, maybe Ben Joe and Mandy Lynn will play it on their radio show.

I’ll keep you posted. For now, give it a listen and let us know what you think. As usual, the full song can be heard at the top of the page at soundzania.com this week.



Song of the Week: Individual

fingersUniquely individual. Lee wrote the lyrics on this one. It makes me think about the numerous ways we are different and the equally numerous ways we are the same. Makes me wanna say “one love”. Peace Lee

Ben Joe


Song of the Week: My Crazy Uncle

The TriangleMy Crazy Uncle… don’t we all have one? or are one? I was one for a long time for my 6 nieces and nephews. I’m sure this song will ring true with them. Its always fun for kids to know an adult or two that are just a little “different” than the others.

The lyrics were written by Andy Berry and this is another installment of the song of the week. I hope you enjoy the sample below. If you want the full version, it is at the top of the page on soundzania.com.

Until next time….



Song of the Week: Pancakes

The BanjoThis week’s installment highlights “Pancakes are Impatient”, a silly tune about a very serious issue – pancakes left on the plate. As you may know, pancakes are indeed impatient and they very much do not like to wait. So, without further ado, I bring you the song of the week: Pancakes are Impatient !
The full song can be played at Soundzania.com at the top of the page this week only !

Song of the week: Building Blocks

This is the first in a series of posts that will reveal some of the coming album from Soundzania. Each week (or so) we will post another track from the upcoming album. You can listen to the track by clicking on the play button at the top of the page (the link changes each week though) !!

Building Blocks was written by Lee Parker and was extremely fun to record! The crunch sound you hear is actually a slew of lincoln logs being thrown about in a big plastic bin. Each toss is different… it was recorded live, so I had to throw those lincoln logs for the entire song… my arms got tired :)This one has been a clear favorite with my kids for the past month… but recently another track has displaced it… more on that track later!

Stay tuned and enjoy the sneak listen! Ben Joe