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Helping the Charis House in Indiana

Soundzania has national appeal.
Our passion is to create music that makes kids smile – and a recent initiative has done just that in places like Fort Wayne, Indiana. One avid fan helped us partner with the Charis House homeless shelter for women and children. They are the largest homeless shelter for women and children in the region – and have to turn away, on average, 100 women and children a month because they are at capacity – and all of the other shelters in the region are full as well. As part of the Charis House fundraising campaign to build a larger shelter, Soundzania has provided donated CD’s to sell with proceeds going directly to help the Charis House serve more homeless children. As part of our support, Soundzania music will be offered at their upcoming Extreme Makeover: Charis House Edition Live & Silent Auction on March 20, 2010
The homeless children at the Charis House are grateful for the silliness and smiles that Soundzania gives them to brighten their day.

Charis House

Charis House

About Charis House:
Charis House is a part of Fort Wayne Rescue Ministries which has been providing shelter, food and clothing to the homeless to Northeast Indiana and the surrounding region since 1903. We were recognized as exempt from federal income tax in 1935 and continue to maintain our 501(c)(3) status. Thus, contributions to our organization are tax deductable. We are in the process of building a larger shelter specifically for the women and children in need with an expected completion date of April 2010.
Learn more about the new Charis House

The Making of Soundzania

Just thought we should post a little story about how exactly Soundzania came to be. So, take a little read:

Motivation came easily to the three dads that created the musical world of Soundzania. Two years after band-mates Scott Flory, Ken Hougasian, and Lee Parker gave up the late nights and smoky-club lifestyle of a rock band, all three began enjoying the late nights and smelly-diaper lifestyle of fatherhood.

Independently, Scott, Ken and Lee each lovingly created music to make their kids smile (or, in some cases, sleep). After rave reviews from their own children, they set out to create Soundzania. With help from musician friends and engineers, each song on the album was transformed from a private lazy-morning guitar sing-along or quiet bedside lullaby into a musical world filled with banjos, kazoos, mandolins, and even a sousaphone.

Every song has been tested for silliness, smiles, and nap-worthiness by the band’s collective children: Julia, Alex, Max, Sam, Claire, Hannah, Nora, and Owen.

The band hopes this album will bring giggles and snoozes to your family as well.

Are you a Soundzania Citizen?

Are you a citizen of Soundzania? Want to become one? Its pretty simple. There are only 2 responsibilities for citizens and they are spelled out pretty clearly on the Soundzania Certificate of Citizenship (shown below). What ? You don’t have one of these wonderful cards? Well, they come with any purchase from Soundzania (CD, t-shirt, whatever).

Everyone is an honorary citizen if they can follow the motto. One more thing we’d like is to have you share some of your music back with us – drop us a line.


Soundzania Citizen Card