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drawing from a citizen

Recently, I received an e-mail from a fellow citizen of Soundzania (we’re all citizens actually, read the citizen’s motto). In the e-mail, Claire (6-years old) shared her drawing with me. Here it is:

Claire colors Cory Net

I think its a wonderful coloring of Cory Net. Thanks a bunch for sharing Claire !

Print out some of our coloring pages, color them in and send them our way !  We’ll share what you share.

Are you a Soundzania Citizen?

Are you a citizen of Soundzania? Want to become one? Its pretty simple. There are only 2 responsibilities for citizens and they are spelled out pretty clearly on the Soundzania Certificate of Citizenship (shown below). What ? You don’t have one of these wonderful cards? Well, they come with any purchase from Soundzania (CD, t-shirt, whatever).

Everyone is an honorary citizen if they can follow the motto. One more thing we’d like is to have you share some of your music back with us – drop us a line.


Soundzania Citizen Card