April Soundzania Newsletter

Spring has totally sprung! Taxes are done! and we almost missed the April newsletter 🙂

A couple of news items. First, we had an official CD review by Dan Cohen. Many thanks to Dan for taking the time to listen to Soundzania Elementary School and giving a fair opinion on the CD. Here is a link to the review.
Second, we are going to the Ashland Farmers Market again this year! We’re very excited about that because it is simply a fun time. They have a regular farmer’s market every week, but this one on June 30th is special. Its a kid’s market and kids come out and set up tables to sell their wares. Its great to see them proudly displaying their crafts/produce/creations, etc. We have a fun time playing some music on what I hope to be a gorgeous day in Ashland. Check out the Ashland Farmer’s Market on Facebook.

And now for a shameless plug – we still have lots of Soundzania CDs hanging around. Enough to make a small village, or set the record for CD dominos. So, please if you know someone who has some young kids, might enjoy the music, or just likes good toe-tapping fun songs… please send them our way! On the website, they can check out some sample songs from each of the albums.
For those of you subscribing to the newsletter, give them the following code: ()
If they use that code during checkout, they will get 30% off their entire purchase. Anyone can use that code. It is valid through May 31st.

Thanks – and until next time – sounds good and good sounds



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