December Soundzania Newsletter

It’s getting chilly in Soundzania (that’s a joke for my friends in northwest Canada).

This newsletter has some big news – please read on…

Do you like iTunes?

You all know the Soundzania Elementary School CD is now available for ordering, right? But, you didn’t know it is now available on itunes! If you’d rather skip the shipping and the beautiful packaging and just get it loaded on your ipod/ipad/computer… go to and order yourself a digital copy. We are also available in just about any digital purchasing outlet (amazon, spotify, napster, rhapsody, verizon….). If there is one you use and we’re not in it – let us know!

Christmas Gifts

Time is upon us. Gifts for teachers, cousins, nephews and nieces, grandchildren and yourself 🙂 need to be secured. Soundzania is guaranteed to be enjoyed by kids. Order a copy today
Order now to get it there before Christmas! When you place an order, I will ship it via USPS First Class Parcel by the next pickup (around here they pickup at Noon and 5pm). We are in Virginia, so you can figure it will be there in a day or two along most of the east coast and probably a few days for the west coast.


The pre-order time is over (awww). But, there are still discounts when buying multiple copies (say, for all the teachers, or for all your friends’ kids).
All CDs are $10. If you buy 2 or more, they are $9 each, buy 5 or more and they are $8 each, buy 10 or more and they are $7 each.. .and… in case you are running a day care facility or something like that – buy 25 or more and they are only $5 each!

We need your help!

If you’re reading this, it is likely that you already have a copy of a Soundzania CD. This newest CD is awesome (check out the two tracks here on the website). But, we need help letting people know about it. So, we are asking everyone to talk about us to help get the word out, share a link on Facebook, Tweet about it, tell your friends! There are millions of kids who would be bouncing up and down right now if only they were listening to a Soundzania CD!

Thanks for getting all the way to the bottom!! You are a very special person and very important to us. We love you.

Until next time – sounds good and good sounds!



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