Summer in Soundzania

This has become more of a seasonal newsletter – I think I missed June. No matter, things are hot here in Soundzania and the new album is starting to take shape!!

I am posting my rough mixes over at – under the “Soundzania” project – you can take a listen and drop a comment if you like – I’d love to get some feedback as I go. These mixes are not anywhere near final.

The picture of the desk shows some of the interesting sound makers that are employed on “Bus Ride” – one of the new songs. I also added another picture of my favorite bass 🙂 It locks down the beat in every song.

Well, take care and stay cool.


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#1 Tracy Wlliams on 07.07.10 at 6:58 am

Can’t wait to hear the new songs. Our favorite place to listen to Soundzania is in the car…groovin down the road together! Thank you for creating music the whole family loves!

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