Coloring Pages from the Samaritan House

In the April Soundzania Newsletter, we mentioned that we provided the Samaritan House in Ohio with some CDs for the families that stay there.
They have shared a few of the Soundzania coloring pages they colored. Here they are:
Samaritan House 1
Samaritan House 2
Samaritan House 3

We’re looking forward to more from them! If you have printed any of the pages, send us a scan of what you have colored and we’ll post it here.

July Soundzania Newsletter

Wow – its pretty hot in Soundzania! But, hey, its summer, I think its supposed to be hot. Time to jump in a pool or through a sprinkler.

In June, Soundzania visited the Ashland Farmers Market. That was a great time! We have some video tape from the show. We edited together a few of the songs and have it here for you –

Where did that funny balloon hat come from?? At one point, we walked on through the farmers market playing “Soundzania”. While we did that, we walked past a vendor from the market that made balloon shapes. He came running up and placed the hat on my head as we were marching by. Awesome hat – Thanks !!

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Well – thats it for this month. Until next time….

Sounds good and good sounds


June newsletter from Soundzania

Summertime, and the living is easy….

These past few days have been the most beautiful weather in Soundzania ! I hope you’re enjoying some where you are. With the summer comes farmer’s markets – and they are all around. You should head on down to one and pick up some fresh goodies!

Soundzania has been invited to come play some music for a very special farmer’s market on June 25th in Ashland, VA – The Ashland Farmer’s Market.
The Ashland Farmer's Market

Now, this market is special as it is, but they are doing something extra special on June 25th. They are having a kids day where the kids are the farmers bringing their wares to market. It should be a great time!

So, if you’re local – come on out and enjoy the market. If you’re not – sit back, relax and start enjoying the summer months!

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Until next time – sounds good and good sounds


April Soundzania Newsletter

I just ate a bunch of jellybeans, and so have the kids. I also spent the day outside in balmy spring weather. A very nice spring in Soundzania.
Soundzania is always happy to help out a charity that is devoted to kids and families. We’ll donate CDs or schedule a performance if you have one that you’re involved in. Recently, a friend of Soundzania mentioned a charity their family is involved in – the Samaritan House in Ohio. They provide emergency shelter for homeless women with children. Since Soundzania is kind of a long way away from Ohio, I offered to ship some Soundzania On Safari CDs out to the shelter.

Hopefully, the Soundzania discs can bring a little music into the lives of some families in need.

If you work with a charity that helps families and children and would like to bring Soundzania to them, please let me know.

I hope your spring is going great!

Until next time….


March Soundzania Newsletter

Spring is coming – I’m certain – we’ve just had a flood of rain last week and today the kids and I were hiking with only light jackets on!

Spring also seems to be the time that pre-schools want people to come play music. So, just about a week ago, I packed up all my instruments (friends) and brought them over to Good Shepherd Preschool (where my children attended). I’ve included a video clip below for your entertainment or bewilderment – whichever fits. My personal highlight happened as I was showing the kids the CDs I had made and one of them shouted – “I have that CD!” Yes, her mom had recently picked up a copy.

Anyway, I am just about over losing the extra hour of sleep from the spring forward – I hope you all are doing well.

Until next time – sounds good and good sounds


February Soundzania Newsletter

About half the country has had snow in the last week or so – amazing !! Everyone dug out and got their power back on? I hope so.

Here in Soundzania, we’re going to start some more recording sessions in February. The long awaited third album (thereby completing the master trilogy of children’s anthem bop) is making headway.

Once we have any new mixes or rough cuts of the songs, we’ll be sure to share them here on the blog to let you comment and criticize.

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Until next time…. sounds good – and good sounds


December Soundzania Newsletter

brrr… My fingers are frozen and its difficult to type. So, we’ll keep this short.

Best holiday wishes to everyone everywhere from Soundzania!

November Soundzania Newsletter

I’m starting this newsletter out with some sad news with some good news at the end. The new album has been delayed and will not be available before christmas this year. Yes, I know, millions of children will be lost and forlorn without their bi-annual Soundzania new CD fix. But, there is still hope. We will still continue our work on the next CD, and will make it available as soon as we can.

woo hoo - we love Soundzania!

woo hoo - we love Soundzania!

If anyone is interested in purchasing single tracks as we create them before the album is final, please let me know (reply to this, or comment on it, or just email me). I’m curious if that would be better for some folks.

Anyway – its fall and the leaves are falling and the temperatures are falling and Halloween has past and we’re getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Now – to hold you over, we will offer a major sale on stuff for the month of November. Share this with your friends…. get 50% off everything purchased at (available for subscribers of the newsletter only, if you want the code, just sign-up here)

So, encourage some friends to pick up a Soundzania album now for their kids, and we’ll continue to work on the next one!

Until then…
Sounds good – and good sounds


Soundzania October Newsletter

No scary things this time around. Just a quick video from a recent block party in Del Ray where Soundzania had a chance to play. Lee and Andy joined in as well. We’ll share one video here now, and more later, stay tuned.

Back to School in Soundzania

Whoa – its time for school !! The weather has significantly cooled off this week in Soundzania and the kids have all got their school supplies and haircuts and are ready for the first day. Can you hear the school bus?

Time to get down to business on the album though. We only have about 3 months to finish the Soundzania Elementary School album!

Last month I mentioned a visitor came to the studio. Everyone is welcome to bring their kids on by the studio for a quick tour of how we make the music here in Soundzania. This family brought a video camera and edited down a few clips of their visit:

Hamiltons visit Soundzania

So, until next time – sounds good and good sounds!